Advantages of the HomeReady program over FHA

FHA vs. Fannie Mae HomeReady Costs A few crucial loan characteristics on Fannie Mae’s new HomeReady loan are (surprisingly) better than those offered on the FHA-insured loan from a cost perspective. In case you’re unfamiliar, HomeReady is Fannie Mae’s affordable, low down payment mortgage product designed for creditworthy low-to-moderate-income borrowers, with expanded eligibility for financing […]

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Feds Meet. Rates Rise. Time to Buy!

by Todd Galde, Sr. Mortgage Advisor In the Bay Area, owning a home is still less expensive than renting. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock this week (my apologies if you are this beta fish) you know by now that the Feds announced their decision to increase the Fed Funds Rate by .25%, the […]

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Upping Your Credit Score

You know the importance of an excellent credit score, but you heard that inquiries can make your scores go down. And do you really want to buy in to all those commercials and popup ads? While credit (FICO) “scores” are calculated through complicated mathematical models, achieving good credit is actually based on a fairly simple concept: Establishing a […]

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