10 Common Refinance Misconceptions – FMZ talks to HSH.com.

Faramarz Moeen-ZIai, SVP of National Sales & Production here at Commerce Home Mortgage speaks to Michele Lerner at HSH.com a few weeks ago about the most common refinance misconceptions. Evolving regulations and occasional horror stories of traumatic mortgage transactions add confusion to the perception of refinancing. Misconceptions about refinancing are not surprising when you consider that most […]

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The Psychology of Pricing

For most of us, we don’t think too much about the psychology and reasoning behind why an item is priced the way it is.  I think we all understand and have gotten used to the .99 logic when purchasing, however there are many alternative price points and dollar figures that play into the decision making process that only […]

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Get the Most for Your Home Improvement Money

Whenever we think of home improvements around the house, we automatically think of thousands of dollars that won’t always be recouped.  However, if done correctly…you can enjoy your improvements and significantly reduce the amount of money lost at resale.  The article listed below outlines the 4 major areas of home improvement and what you’re likely to […]

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